Allovers, The "Yer Guises" (AA023) Test Pressing


23rd release on Anxious and Angry. 

***This is a test pressing. The image shown is not necessarily an exact image of what you are buying. They come in different sleeves. Vinyl people like collecting these. If you aren't familiar with what a test pressing is, allow me to explain:  When you order vinyl from a plant, they give you the opportunity to review the physical product before it goes into mass production. Labels use these as a way to approve of sound quality, ensure the track listing is correct (as well as side A actually being on side A) etc. Anxious and Angry does test 10 test pressings for every release. 5 to us and 5 to the band. Some people put these on Ebay and they can sell for ridiculous amounts of money. We opted to just do a flat price on a first come, first serve basis. If you choose to turn around and sell it again, I guess that's your choice. Don't be a dick about it though.