Anxious and Angry "Micro Brew" Coffee & "Acid" Tee Shirt Bundle


Finally! Micro (my American Bad Breathed Shorthair) has inspired us to give you a roast of coffee that suits his personality: Bitter and energetic.


I teamed up with my friend Nick (who you might know from his band Bayside) and his company "Legal Speed" to get into the coffee game. This is our very first batch and we couldn't be more excited. Micro Brew is a Chichen roast from Guatemala which is supposed to have notes of chocolate, lavender and brown sugar. I tasted none of those, but I also like Taco Bell. It's good. I tried a couple and this was my fav.

To celebrate the launch of our own coffee, we are giving away free mugs (pictured) with the first 30 orders! We pick which mug (but you can try and request one! No guarantees). When the mugs are gone, there will be a SOLD OUT sign slapped on the image.

 Get yourself an AA tee with your coffee and mug!