Beastie Boys Hardcover Book

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That's right. We are diving into the book game. Why not add another medium that is dying to the fold? Haha.

The Beastie Boys were one of the first bits of music I discovered that my mom didn't approve of. I immediately knew I was onto something. Since seeing the "Fight For Your Right To Party" video as a child, I've stayed with them all the way to last week in the shop blasting "Ill Communication". Few groups have had that kind of lasting effect on me. 

Anyway, this book is amazing. It's all fairly short anecdotes and stories of the young beasties told by the two surviving members. Stories about going from being dumb kids, to dumb kids being rock stars, to dumb old kids doing good. I absolutely loved it to the point that I decided to track it down wholesale and offer it up to you, the loyal customer. It's a huge hardcover that retails for $50. Because it's something I think everyone should have in their bathroom, on your coffee table or night stand, I'm giving an automatic $12 off the cover price.  It's also eligible for media mail in the US. So let me know if you want to go that route!


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