Encyclopedia of Exercise Anatomy Book

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So guess what? 

I found a book distributor who specializes in either unsold stock or books with "shelf wear". That means I get new books with a possible ding here or there that I can sell cheaper than the cover price. I figure a lot of us don't care about trivial things like that, so I jumped! Grab a book at a killer price!

This unique guide provides precise, step-by-step instructions to more than 100 individual exercises and introduces over 50 target-focused workout routines. Full-color photographs and detailed anatomical illustrations pinpoint exactly which muscles are being worked during each exercise so that you can focus on maintaining perfect form and gain the maximum benefit in terms of fitness.

The specially-designed workouts focus on achieving optimum physical fitness for a specific sport so that you can achieve your full potential in whichever activity you enjoy, at whatever level you perform.

The book also includes routines that focus on real-world scenarios ranging from exercising during pregnancy to working with back or knee problems. Other unique regimens help you target specific body areas that you wish to strengthen and tone, whether you want to build more powerful arms, trim your thighs or sculpt glorious abdominal muscles.