Ezra Kire "Speakers In The Sky" LP


Found another box of these Ezra records while cleaning up the warehouse! Ezra purchased the remaining copies of the record from us just to make sure anyone who wants one can get one for free. We have to sell them for a penny for it to work. You cover shipping! On a personal note, this is my favorite thing I've gotten to be a part of running this label. Grab one while we got em!





"After a life dedicated to forming influential punk bands Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, and Morning Glory, Ezra Kire releases his solo debut "Speakers in the Sky". Ezra gives us songs of hopelessness, addiction, and the eventual triumph of letting it all go. Since putting his touring life on the shelf, he took an interest in aviation and is now a licensed pilot. When he isn't flying he is a union crew member for films and television in NYC."