Heart and Lung "Twistin' The Knife Away" LP

We heard about Heart & Lung because they’re deeply involved in their community and are the go-to band for punk shows in Cleveland. And with three singers, this band has as much harmony as they do good karma. Real sweethearts—but they can party too! Imagine the smooth melodies of the Smoking Popes blended with rowdy Midwest punk like Dillinger Four. Look, they have three singers, so they can kinda do what they want, ya know? And with LeBron outta the way, Cleveland is long overdue for a punk champion! “Twistin’ The Knife Away” may be their Red Scare debut, but this band is no stranger to live shows. They’ll be hitting the road and reppin’ the North Coast all over the globe in support of this fantastic LP. And have we mentioned they got three singers?!?