Mattel Games "Jersey Shore Family Vacation: The Game" Board Game


It's T-shirt time! Jersey Shore Family Vacation: The Game is the party game for meatballs, fist-pumpers and prank war champions. Play as a Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast member as you make your way around the board, perform the actions on each space and draw hilarious, Jersey Shore Family Vacation-themed cards.

Awww, man… did you get a grenade? Or are you swigging the Ron Ron Juice? Collect special cards (GTL, anyone?) to receive bonus points -- but watch out -- if you're spiraling and end up at the beach or boardwalk, you'll have to "Sleep it Off" and lose turns. If you land on the same space as another player, you'll obviously have to fight -- roll the dice to determine who wins!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: The Game is perfect for any adult party or game night -- especially after Sunday family dinner! For 18 year olds and up. Colors and decorations may vary.