Mattel Games "The Maury Game: You Are Not The Father" Board Game


Clear your name Maury-style with this hilarious party game for adults! Based on the TV show you know and love, The Maury Game: You Are Not the Father challenges players to prove their nonpaternity through a series of shocking accusations and laugh-out-loud arguments.

A paternity test has been performed, and the results lie in each player's Test Results envelope. Play your cards right to increase your odds of innocence and revel in hysterical banter along the way! An "argument" starts when an action card is played -- each one reflects a phrase straight from the show. Counter your opponent's argument with an even more outrageous claim to steal the round, gain Audience Popularity and lessen your odds of paternity by adding Not the Father cards to your Test Results envelope.

This tension-filled board game ends when a card is pulled from each player's envelope. Only one will be the father -- don't let it be you! The Maury Game: You Are Not the Father is the perfect party starter and a hilarious addition to any adult game night. Colors and decorations may vary.