Old Firm Casuals "ST" 12" EP


Originally released on Oi! the Boat Records in 2011, THE OLD FIRM CASUALS’ debut kicker of a 7” was the one obvious component left off For The Love of It All, the 2xLP/CD compilation that brought together all of the band’s early singles. In many ways, that was intentional - because this release deserves its own royal treatment. THE OLD FIRM CASUALS have become a well-established mainstay in the oi!/streetpunk scene. They are consistent, constantly getting better and better, making more and more new and dedicated fans… and this is where it all began. With all four tracks on the A-Side, and Dannyboy Smith’s art from the original insert silkscreened on the B-Side, this 12” lets the tracks sound better than ever before, and one hell of an impressive art piece to celebrate a band that became truly integral to the scene.