Say Anything "... is a Real Boy" LP


Originally released in 2004 on a small So-Cal indie label, Say Anything's ...Is A Real Boy has stood the test of time thanks to its universal themes and whopper punk hooks. Emo in name only, it is a disc that veers far away from the genre's typical navel-gazing lyrics and shines its light on the trappings of rock stardom, taking on everything from groupies to music snobs in no-nonsense songs like "An Orgy of Critics" and "Every Man Has A Molly." Max Bemis may not be a great singer but he's a great frontman, channeling his well-publicized struggles with bipolar disorder into songs that ring with defiance. This package includes a bonus second disc that includes seven new Say Anything tracks, a number of which delve even deeper into Bemis' psychiatric troubles, plus the somewhat self-explanatory "I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song About Being On The Road And Missing Someone." --Aidin Vaziri