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The Arrivals "Dagobah" Tee Shirt


Here's the story:

The Arrivals had 2 shows. They never play. We dropped the ball on making sure they had a new design. Last minute, Dave told me "It would be cool if you designed something!". Obviously, you don't want to give us here at Anxious and Angry (originators of "Fat Earther" and classics like "Dat Boi Orbison") too much creative freedom....but they did.

I went down to the shop and asked the guys what the most current / irritating internet thing is making it's rounds now. Baby Yoda. So we hopped on "Wookiepedia" (real thing) and found out where that cute little bugger hails from, switched up The Arrivals "Simple Pleasures" and boom. Done. 

They sold most of them at their Chicago show, but we have what's left over. Grab one before they are gone!


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