The Raveonettes "Chain Gang of Love" [IMPORT] LP


Chain Gang of Love was recorded in 2003, continuing with fixed band rules (3 min, 3 chords per song, no high hat, and all songs to be written in B-flat), at the time a risky set of rules to start producing a crucial second album with. The Raveonettes nailed it and brought to us a magnificent, fascinating, infectious album! Tracks like "Remember", "Noisy Summer" and "The Truth About Johnny" are what make The Raveonettes one of a kind. On -Chain Gang Of Love- The Raveonettes succeeded in staying true to the retro sound of the 50's with a good dose of full-blown 80's punk/noise-pop/garage rock. With Sune Rose Wagner's distorted guitar and Sharin Foo's harmonious dreamy vocals, this album exceeded anyone's expectations. Chain Gang Of Love album is 33 min of pure joy!