Typesetter "Nothing Blues" LP


 Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release from the indie band. So many of life's struggles and successes can be traced back to communication: good, bad, clear, muddled-finding real clarity with others, and yourself, isn't always as easy as it is essential. Sometimes it can feel like a battle to even know who you are, much less to know others and to help them know you in turn. On their sophomore full-length, Nothing Blues, Chicago's Typesetter use their distinctly vibrant brand of indie punk to explore that innately human desire for understanding, and how we achieve it. On Nothing Blues, Typesetter has adopted an expansive new spectrum of sound and emotion, marking a new chapter for the band. One where being vulnerable doesn't mean a lack of strength, where honesty isn't easy but is imperative, and where the most valuable thing is simply a willingness to keep striving for improvement.