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Ryan's Picks #1 - Shellac / The National / Dillinger Four

I hope your Thursday is finding you well.

So I like music. I thought I would write a bit about 3 records we sell and why I like them. Maybe I'll do this a couple times a week? Who knows. I'm a moody guy. Anyway, I thought it would be kinda cool to let people know which jams are my favorites. So welcome to RYAN'S HOT PICKS OF THE DAY!

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Here's my thoughts on some of the records shown below, along with a link so you can check out my favorite song on each:

Shellac "1000 Hurts" - If you lean toward weirdo rock made by people that would most definitely hate you personally, look no further than Shellac. I love this band. I've loved this one since the first time I heard the opening track "Prayer To God". This LP comes in a reel to reel box, which is pretty sick. 


The National "Cherry Tree" - If you know anything about me, you know this is hands down, one of my favorite bands. There is something about the subtle humor mixed in with the  intense / serious delivery of the vocals mixed with incredibly simple songs done so well that you don't even notice they are simple and arrrrrrrrgh. Sorry. I guess I just admire that so much it frustrates me. Check out "Wasp Nest", as it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.


Dillinger Four "Midwestern Songs of the Americas" - It's no secret that this is an important group of people that have made and continue to make important music to me. This was the band that introduced me to Minneapolis as a kid. They played shows with emo bands. They played shows with street punk bands. They played shows with indie rock and hardcore bands. That was the environment that I learned about underground music in, and it's pretty much all thanks to these guys. I still remember this record release show. Anyway, this record holds up. It's catchy. It's smart. It's weird. It's just great. I'm sure you've heard this album before, but check out on Spotify right HERE. (I guess Hopeless doesn't allow poor ol' D4 on youtube!)
Have a great day!

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