Pegboy "Strong Reaction Gold" Tee Shirt [Proceeds to Family of Pierre Kezdy]


All proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go directly to Pierre's gofundme. Link and info below.


Pierre Kedzy has spent years defining the soundtrack of our lives. Well, now is our chance to show our appreciation and unwavering support for Pierre and his family during this difficult time as Pierre battles cancer. Pierre has been part of the Chicago Punk Rock scene for decades. His iconic bass sound and lyrical genius have played a pivotal role in Strike Under, Arsenal, Trial by Fire, Pegboy, and Naked Raygun and inspired many others. 

For the past five years, Pierre has battled numerous medical issues, including multiple forms of cancer, which left Pierre unable to work. His family (wife Heather and 4 kids ages 12, 16, 18, and 20) has struggled to keep up with the escalating medical costs. Anyone who knows Pierre personally knows he is a gentle, compassionate,  courageous, and generous person.  He has always shared the best of himself with friends, family, and fans, now it is our time to reciprocate.  

Please donate what you can to ease the burden for Pierre and his family during this incredibly difficult time.  We are thankful for anything you can give.