Off With Their Heads "All Things Move Toward Their End" LP



I figured since it's been 20 years of doing this band, I would get as much back in print as I could. Up next: It's the "All Things Move Toward Their End" collection LP. This was the first (and I guess only collection to be released on vinyl) gathering of 7"s and comp tracks from back in the day where quantity won vs quality, partying won vs talent....and so on. While most of this is pretty goddamn cringe, it definitely holds a place in my heart for a certain time in life.

I went NUTS with the packaging on this. Silver foil, black and white. On top of that, two rad color variants. Pics to follow!


Pressing info:

Black and White Brain Melt - 600

Cloudy Blood Splatter - 400 (Anxious and Angry / OWTH Exclusive)