Riverboat Gamblers "Backsides" LP

Possibly the best live punk band ever, this five-piece emergency room disaster has been described as a "thermonuclear rock & roll blowtorch" (OC Weekly) and has the battle scars to prove it. Formed in Denton, TX (boyhood home of Roy Orbison) in 1997, The Riverboat Gamblers played house parties for years, quickly becoming local favorites. It wasn't long before they established themselves as one of the most explosive and ferocious live acts in the state of Texas. Says singer Mike Wiebe, "We wanted to be the antithesis of "indie rock" just push the limits put on the best show possible." Their reputation is well deserved. The Austin Statesman recently picked the Gamblers as one of the shows not to miss at this year's SXSW. As a result, a two-block line formed and remained during their entire performance. The buzz has been huge and now the world has caught up, along with every major label and one big indie that have tried to sign the band. The Gamblers are kicking ass and taking names. The time is now!