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How it works:

1) Email info@anxiousandangry.com, Subject: Small Business Support - Name of Business, and provide the following

  • Single color design, ready to print.  If you need help, let us know.
  • Preferred shirt and ink color
  • A description that would go along with the item.  Describe your business.
  • A completed W-9 Form will be required before we make any payments. 

2) We add your shirt to our site and send you a link.  You share it.

3) Every 2 weeks, we will send you a statement of the sales and a payment.

  • 100% of profits go to you 


This offer is limited to small businesses impacted/closed by Covid-19.  Approval of requests is at our discretion.  If we don't know you, you should provide additional info about your business.