A "Hameo" Video From Ryan and Micro


Raising money to chip away at recent medical expenses! The HAMEO returns for a limited time.


That's right. You've heard of the popular custom video service "Cameo", right? Well, you probably haven't heard of our totally unrelated service (provided by the human pork product and his trusty steed) "Hameo". For a VERY limited time only, you can get a custom video of Ryan and Micro wishing you well, wishing you ill, talking you out of / into something, roasting, boasting.... you get it. This is only available for 3 days. Get your special someone literally the worst gift you could possibly give them.


Here's how it works:

You put this in the cart. 

You give a little info in the "Notes" section about who it's for / what you are looking for".

We email you a video from Ryan and Micro before Monday.

Transaction complete.