Groovie Ghoulies "Born in the Basement" LP




Vinyl LP pressing. Born in the Basement, the 1994 second LP from horror-pop-punk mainstays The Groovie Ghoulies, in many ways marked a pivotal transition point for the band that would set the course for the rest of their career. After the first LP, the band had moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento, the city that would remain their home base for the duration of the band. The title of the record is more factual than one might assume: at the time, the Ghoulies' lineup of Kepi (bass/vocals), Roach (guitar), and Wendy (drums) were all co-habitating in a house by the city cemetery, practicing in the basement, where the record was indeed born! This lineup would remain together for the follow-up World Contact Day, which became the best-selling Ghoulies record! They also found themselves working with a prestigious new producer, recording at Seattle's Egg Studios with Conrad Uno (Mudhoney, The Presidents of the United States of America, The Ergs!). Fueled by fan-favorite Ghoulies staples such as The Beast with Five Hands, I Wanna Have Fun, and Back to the Garage, the album was a self-released sell-out through two pressings.