KT's Kids 'Local H' Tee Shirt [Proceeds Donated]


Each winter, KT’s Kids throws the kids of KidsRehab a holiday party.  Every child gets two gifts (one fun, one practical), and each family gets a $20 Target gift card. Each December, a show is hosted at Liar’s Club featuring raffles, burlesque, and performances by punk legends from bands like Local H, Naked Raygun, Pegboy, Dummy, and Stiff Little Fingers to raise money and collect donations for the party. 

In summer, KT's Kids support C.A.M.P. Schwab (Children with Adapted Mobility Play) which is one of the only free summer day camps for kids with disabilities in Cook County. They provide camp for almost forty kids, aged 7–18, who receive services at Schwab, La Rabida or Shriner’s Hosptial, including transportation, activities, and a closing picnic to celebrate. C.A.M.P. Schwab brings kids outside to play on their own terms, and that’s hugely empowering.


***We will be printing and shipping shirts once a week with all proceeds going directly to the business owner***